Saturday, August 16, 2014

Trampoline Net Turned Hammock

     When we first moved to this farm, we set up our trampoline, but never set up the net that went around it. The foam around the pole eventually molded and we through it away along with the poles. But the net was still good so my brilliant sister strung it between two trees and we had ourselves an extremely long hammock.

   The net is all stretched out now and even and torn in a few places, hence it's not as fun to play in as it used to be. We often scrape the ground now. However, the two youngest still seem to enjoy a good swing every once in a while.

A good swing requires two people: someone to ride and someone to push and bounce the rider. 
My siblings usually do a good job taking turns.

    It's about time for this net/hammock to retire. In fact, one of the items on our whiteboard list is "Take Down the Hammock" and this time it's not just for the winter, it's for ever. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to get a real one.

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