Saturday, August 30, 2014

Bottling Up The Conconut Oil

    Well, ever since moving to our farm five or six years ago we have tried to take our health up a notch and that meant finding a substitute for oil butter. Now we churn our own cultured butter, (which I still need to post about hu?) and use coconut oil, both of which we use as substitutes in all our recipes -- as you have probably seen if you've been through any of my recipes.

    We get out coconut oil in large six gallon buckets from a local Amish seller who orders it in HUGE amounts. The oil that we get from them isn't of the best quality so we use this oil in our baking while we use a tub of good coconut oil from the store for frying and sauteing vegetables in.

    We put the buckets out onto the sidewalk in the sun to warm up because it is much easier to bottle the oil when it's a liquid. Then we carry the buckets into the laundry room and spend a couple hours trying to bottle as much as we can and spill as little as we can. The floor always needs a good mopping after a production like this.
    Again, just like when we bottle our honey, we try to use odd-ball jars that won't hold up in the pressure caner. We keep the jars that our peanut butter, spaghetti sauce, mandarin oranges, and other things come in even though they're not pressure caner material they can store things like coconut oil and honey.

    And there it is. The bottles go downstairs into the food storage room where the oil turns solid and waits for us until we need them. The fatty acids that are in coconut oil are more easily digested than the ones found in vegetable oils and it contains lauric acid which aids the immune system. It's better for you and is a fine substitute for oil in just about anything. 

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