Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Pup's First Christmas Eve

    The pups are all one month old now
    It's incredible how much they've grown. We've already decided which two we are going to keep and in a month or so we'll give the rest away. They are all mutts so we aren't going to sell them, but we do want to make sure each one has a nice home to grow old in.

    This little guy is one we're keeping. His name is Shaska -- after the sword. He's the second largest, but he's the most mellow out of all of them -- and we love his coloring the best -- it makes me think of a husky or another kind of snow dog.

    Shaska and Jules playing together

   The other puppy that we're keeping is Jules (pictured above) she's the smallest and the smartest of the bunch, she's already become an incredible escape artist. We've made a little yard for the puppies outside of the shed with hog wire, but no matter what we do, she manages to get out and lead the rest out. We've started checking on the puppies every hour to herd them back into their yard.

    Well, today is Christmas Eve and as a special gift we wanted to bring the puppies into the kitchen to enjoy it with us. Mom and Dad agreed and we spent an incredibly fun evening all together.

    It's going to be sad to see all of these puppies go to other homes, but we are all just grateful that we got to have them in the first place. It's been a wonderful two months. I think that every child ought to know what it feels like to raise a puppy. 
   There's nothing quite like it.

Friday, December 2, 2011

A Tumble of Growing Pups

   The puppies are growing fast! 
   They have opened their eyes now and their box has been moved out of the garage into the woodshed. But, despite, the move, they still get all kinds of company. They're not very active yet, but that's just find with us because we just like to hold them. Playing with them will come later.

    Sometimes, on extra cold days, Mom lets us lay towels on the laundry room floor and bring the puppies inside. We just sit on the floor and the puppies curl up in any nook and cranny they can find and fall asleep. They are adorable.

Snuggle Puppy - It makes me sleepy just looking at these pictures

This is my favorite picture of all. After church my little man just sat on the kitchen floor and all eight puppies just curled with him. He ate is sandwich and they slept on. What cuties!