Friday, August 8, 2014

Crepes at the Creek

    Our cousins from Idaho are here with us for a week! We love it when they come. Today, all of the parents, grandparents and sister went to the temple in Columbus and were gone all day. So we had a great time playing and being together just as brothers, sisters and cousins. 
    We decided to go down to the creek for dinner, so my younger sister (age 12) made a 5x batch of crepes, cut up a bunch of apples and cantaloupe and took it all down to the forest in our wagon, along with the honey, paper towels, water and all the paper products we needed.

   We flipped the wagon over and used it as a table. After praying we dug in. I was sure that a 5x batch would feed everyone, but every last crepe was eaten as well as all of the apples and most of the cantaloupe. There's just something in the forest air that makes people hungry.

And, of course, the boys can't go down to the woods without making a fire.

   The water was cold, but that didn't bother the little boys. The three youngest were eager to get wet and the they did. They splashed me a time or two, but I didn't get very wet myself.

    My sister and I had fun digging in the gravel and damning parts of the creek to make a miniature city with waterfalls and canals. I remember enjoying that type of thing so much. I could spend hours in the creek one upon a time, now the activity got old quickly. I'm afraid I'm not the best playmate for my sister who still loves that type of thing.

The Prize of the Night: A GIANT Bullfrog!

   Unfortunately it slipped out of my brother's hands and escape into the water before the boys got to play with it much, but at least we got these pictures. I was amazed that they were able to catch it the first time -- but that's my brother for you: a pursuer of impossibilities :)

What a fun night. I think the children had fun and so did I!

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