Canning & Preserving

Apples ...
There's nothing like crunching into a fresh apple, but when the trees are bare it's still possible to enjoy apples if you've preserved them well.
    ~ Pressing & Canning Apple Cider
    ~ Freezing Apple Pie Filling
    ~ Canning Applesauce

Pineapple ...
Whether we find a great sale at Kroger or buy bushels of it at an Amish auction, we get a lot & store it for the winter months.
    ~ Freezing Pineapple for Future Fruit Smoothies

Bananas ...
Of course we don't grow our own bananas :) but we do pick up bushels at a time from auctions and store them for the winter.
    ~ Bagging Bananas for the Freezer

Blackberries ...
With blackberries like ours there are plenty to preserve for winter. We've tried a few methods and are excited to try more.
    ~ Picking & Freezing Blackberries

Peaches ...
We aren't a canned peach kind of family, but we do love them in our morning smoothies and in our peach raspberry jam.
   ~ Freezing Peaches for Smoothies
   ~ Canning Peach Raspberry Jam

Tomatoes ...
There have got to be a hundred ways to preserve tomatoes. Here are a couple we have tried.
    ~ Canning the Chili Blend
    ~ Freezing the Fixings for Spaghetti Squash Casserole 
    ~ Canning Tomato Juice & Tomato Sauce

Green Beans ...
Green beans make for great fresh eating, but if they're preserved they can still be just as tasty years later.
    ~ Canning Whole Green Beans

Corn ...
There are lots of different kinds of corn and even more ways to preserve it. Below are a few we've tried or helped others with.

Squash ...
We cann and freeze our squash depending on the kind and what we plan to do with it later.
    ~ Canning Butternut Squash

Potatoes ... 
Like squash, potatoes are well preserved whole in a root cellar or cool dry basement, but they can be preserved other ways too.
    ~ Canning Hearty Potato Soup
    ~ Washing & Canning Cubed Potatoes

Carrots ... 
Carrots are great to eat fresh, but what do you do when you can't eat all of them? Here are a few thing's we've done.
    ~ Picking & Canning Carrots

Peppers ...
Whether they're hot peppers or bell peppers they are a great addition to anything tomato based or otherwise.
    ~ Canning Veggie Juice & Tomato Sauce

Lettuce ...
We've not found a way to keep lettuce good for over a month, but we have a few tricks for keeping it clean & good in the fridge.
    ~ Harvesting Lettuce & Treating it with Basic H.

Wheat & Spelt Berries ...
My family doesn't buy flour, we grind our own, we buy it in it's whole form and store a year's worth (or more) at a time.
    ~ Storing White Wheat in 5-Gallon Buckets

Chicken ...
Our family's main source of meat is chicken so we've learned to butcher and preserve our own meat.
    ~ Butchering & Canning the Chicken Meat
    ~ Freezing the Chicken Meat
Pork ...
While we don't slaughter hogs of our own we do help others with the slaughtering & preserving.
    ~ Curing Bacon, Sausage & Hams

Almonds ...
Every once in a while we get a load of almonds from my grandparents and if they're preserved well they last a long time.
    ~ Sealing Almonds for the Freezer