Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bottling Up the Honey


    We have honeybees, as you know, but this is only our first year with them so we haven't begun to harvest honey from them yet. But we hope to next year. Until then, however, we still buy our honey from someone in the neighborhood. We take them our buckets and they fill them at a price. Then we bring the buckets home and ladle it out into jars.

    This honey is good clover honey. We've learned not to buy honey late in the year because most of it is goldenrod honey and not half as good. The bees don't care though, so the trick is to harvest the good honey before the goldenrod blooms and then let the bees make up their winter supply from the golden rod.

We put away a lot of honey today. 
It feels good to see the pantry shelves filling with good yummy stuff for winter.

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