Saturday, August 23, 2014

Cleaning the Celery

    We had quite the celery harvest this year. It was a good thing that we were making a batch of bean and bacon soup in the middle of it because I don't know what we would have done with it all. Three of my siblings and I sat in a fun celery-cutting/cleaning-circle today. I was fun to talk with (and take pictures of) them as we sat there. 

    In not to many weeks my oldest sister (pictured in the top photo) is headed on her church mission to Ventura California. She'll be there for 18 months spreading the gospel and serving the people there. She's super excited, but we will all miss her. Knowing that she's leaving so soon makes small moments like this important.

The celery before it's cleaned ...

The celery after it's cleaned

    Besides fresh eating, we use celery in our bean and bacon soup, chicken salad, and hearty potato soup. We've not tried preserving it on it's own -- but maybe one day we will. We always like trying new things :)

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