Thursday, August 21, 2014

Freezing Pineapple for Future Fruit Smoothies

    On the way down to our Family Fun Day at the Columbus Zoo this week we stopped in at a Kroger to pick up our Family Pass (It was cheaper to get it there rather than at the Zoo) and my mother spotted their sale on pineapples: $1 each! She got 20 of them and we brought them home, cut up the ripest ones the next day and cut up the others a few days later after they had ripened on the counter. 
    There seems to be a lot of pineapple for cheap (at least on this side of the county) so it might be a good idea to grab it up and freeze it for later. Here's how we do it ...

     Just a Note: we use the frozen pineapples in our morning smoothies along with our frozen bananas, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. We drink the smoothing around the table during family scripture study and the pineapple sure adds something to the mix.

    First we cut the ends off, then the peelings off (make sure to get rid of all the brown), and then in fourths length-wise. After that cut the hard core-like center off of each fourth and then cut into pieces.

    We don't want the pineapple sticking to itself in the jars because that makes it hard to get out, so we freeze it on cookie sheets, shallow baking pans, and low Tupperware containers for a day before scraping the chucks off and into jars.

It only needs to freeze for a day or so -- any longer and they will get freezer burn.

    And there you go! The freezer really isn't that messy, but I made it look that way for the picture :) We used to use plastic containers or even Ziploc bags for all our freezing, but after reading about all the harm plastic can do to food, we switched to using glass and actually really love it. Experiment yourself and see what works for you -- and ENJOY it!

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