Thursday, October 31, 2013

Spice it Up ... Round Two!

   We Ordered MORE Spices! Bottling the cumin and garlic powder felt like a lot but this time we ordered four pounds of nutmeg, ginger and cloves today and that really was a lot. I think we're stocked for the winter now ... I mean, what else is there :)?

    We got these spices through our little Amish-run bulk food store just like the cumin and garlic powder. We get a lot of our bulk items (the ones we don't get from the LDS Church Storehouse) from that little store like spaghetti, baking soda, raisins, etc. We get our fresh vegetables in bulk (the ones we don't grow ourselves) from the family that let us take a tour of their sorghum molasses farm last year. We get apples from a local orchard, almonds through my grandparents out west, and our bulk paper products at Costco.  

And, of course, my two greatest helpers ...
   Their aprons are so CUTE. My brother's green one was a gift from my mom's parents. They've been serving a senior mission in Central America for the past two years, but they will be home before Christmas. The orange/blue one was a gift from my Grandma who we visited just last year.    

    And there we have it ... I think we're through with spices for a while. We're moving our second refrigerator downstairs just as soon as we finish painting the new drywall and Mom wants to put all of the spices and seeds for planting in there. But until then, we'll just store the bottles in our food storage room.