Saturday, October 26, 2013

Getting Rid of that HUGE Wasp's Nest

    So, we've had this enormous wasps next hanging in a tree beside out long driveway. It's far enough away from the house that it didn't bother us. We only remembered it was there when we noticed it driving to and from home. 
    But, one day, my brother and sister decided to take it down. Surprisingly, it was pretty painless. For some reason, when my brother went to investigate, there were no wasps around. So he climbed up on top of the car and cut the branch off with the nest dangling off of it without a a single sting or anything.  

Can you believe that that entire thing is made out of wasp spit?

    These two are so fun to be around. They keep all of us around here on our toes. They're both different, but so much fun! My brother drives me crazy by taking everything I say literally, especially my idioms :). My sister is sentimental and dramatic and can change the most ordinary of days into a roller-coaster. They both tease around the clock, prank whenever the moment is perfect, and enjoy a good-natured string of banter.
    It would truly be boring around here without them.

My brothers ... Gotta love them!

    After that episode my brother drove the car back to the garage. I can't believe he's going to be driving in a few months ... where has the time gone?
    The wasp nest is in the garage too. Dad is a little wary of it. I think he's convinced that it's going to erupt one of these days. I really don't know what happened to all the wasps, but I guess we'll find out come spring ... But I won't be here :(