Friday, November 1, 2013

Two Young Hunters

    As a part of our schooling we do something called mentoring, where each of us older ones take a half hour (or more) every day we can and mentor a younger child. Right now, my youngest brother is the only one young enough to be mentored, but we used to mentor my youngest sister too. I mentor writing and reading. The sister below me mentors him in math. My youngest sister mentors him in arts and crafts, and my other brother me mentors him with frontiersman skills.
    Today they decided to make a target and practice their shots. 

    Thanksgiving is getting closer and my older brother has been invited to go rabbit hunting with some Amish friends of ours so he decided to draw a rabbit on the target (to prepare :). The next thing he plans to do is make a rabbit, tie a long string around it and have my youngest brother pull on it as he tries to shoot it so he can get some moving-target practice.

    Mentoring with his brother is the best part of my little brother's day, and it's great because my older brother enjoys it too. They just got finished building a tree house in the woods and they've been working on a board game together. They love being together.

Bulls-eye? Or (in this case) Rabbits-eye!

   My littlest brother shoots a Bolt-action pump BB/pellet gun at 300 fps (feet per second). It's the family's gun, but he has an unofficial claim on it since he's the only one who shoots it. This is the family's second BB gun, the first one is pictured below. 

    These are pictures of my youngest brother three years ago when he was only four, but still the gun lover that he is now. He carried that poor old BB gun around everywhere, in the wheelbarrow, over his shoulder, etc. and had the best time pulling the trigger and creating his own sound effects.
    We weren't worried because the BB's were hidden away, high on a shelf where he couldn't reach them, but one day, that gun stopped working and we found out that he had been loading it with fishing weights and it finally got jammed. We still have that gun, but, of course, no one uses it.      

   My older brother worked and saved up for this gun of his own. It's a .22 caliber Russman Breakbare Pellet gun at 900 fps. It's relatively new so he hasn't gotten to do much with it yet.

These are the pellots that he uses. The pouch is from Belize Central America where my grandparents are serving a two-year mission.

    I love my brothers. They're are so good to allow me to take pictures of and blog them.My family has always been good to let me blog them all. I think they actually like it. 
    Well, that is it for now ... enjoy preparing for Thanksgiving!