Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Family Fun Day at Leman's Hardware

    It was Grandma's last day here so we decided to spend the evening in Leman's Hardware and have dinner at Mrs. Yoder's Kitchen. Leman's a a HUGE touristy place for people who want to take home the simple living that comes with Amish Country. 
    It has everything from toys to furniture to tools to dishes to baskets to stoves to books to soaps to candles to refrigerators to foods to sewing machines. Basically everything homestead/simple-living/down to earth-ish. 

    It's a fun place to look around and just let the mind wander. I especially like the housewares area because there are always new life-simplifying things that I love to find. All we bought was a strainer and a small bag of really great cranberry granola ... the place is just way too expensive to shop seriously :) ...
    But we did spend quite a while in there enjoying grandma and each other.

Walls and shelves and barrels full of the funnest stuff ...

    After we got tired of walking around we drove to Mrs. Yoder's kitchen. It's a home-style Amish-quality restaurant that we all love. Everyone except Grandma (who got tomato basil soup) got the buffet which included the salad bar (with my very favorite broccoli salad ... I'm going to have to get the recipe from one of my Amish friends so I can post in on here), meat loaf, pot roast. noddles, mashed potatoes, brown and white gravy, green beans, hot corn, eclare, orio cake, and tapioca pudding.
    My older brother made a two little Fed-Ex trucks out of the paper napkin rings and we folded the ten dollar bill (our waitress's tip) into a fan and stuck it in one of the trucks. I wrote the adress to this blog on the other truck. I hope they visit.
    We miss you Grandma! Thanks for spending a week with us!