Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Prime Time to Prime

The basement walls are clean and the floor is mopped ... it looks like the prime time to prime!

    The hardest part about this whole project (I thought) was finding clothes to paint in :) We had a lot of paint shirts that we wear over our clothes when we do arts and crafts, but no pants or skirts to wear. The first day, a couple of us (myself included) safety-pinned the paint shirts into makeshift pants. But that was  little uncomfortable so we hunted around and came up with better outfits. 
    Besides my room, we're also finishing a guest bedroom, bathroom, my Dad's office, the hall and two hall closets. Priming the ceilings was the worst (almost as bad as finding paint clothes :), but two of the rooms have drop ceilings so we didn't need to prime those.
   Slowly, but surly we'll have this basement finished ...