Monday, October 21, 2013

Family Fun at the Cider Press

    Cider Pressing was a blast! As always. 
    Sorry that I don't have any pictures of the bushels and bushels of apples that we pressed into gallons and gallons of juice and cider. I was just so busy loading and unloading crates that I forgot that I had a camera in my skirt pocket. These pictures were actually taken by my Grandma. She's visiting from Arizona. The last time my family visited her was this last January.  

Thanks for taking such great pictures Grandma ...We love you!

    Here's my little man lying in the empty apple crate. We pressed more apples this year than we've ever pressed before: Two crates of red delicious and three of golden delicious. It was a busy pressing day and a VERY busy canning day afterwards. Mom, my sister and I canned, non-stop, from seven in the morning until nine o'clock at night. 
   I was pretty tired, but it was fun.    

    Another cider-pressing come and gone. Where did all that time go. I can't believe that college is just around the corner. My break has just flown by! Every day just keeps getting shorter and shorter. It will be Thanksgiving and then Christmas before we know it!