Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Shucking & Serving

    Every Wednesday morning, over the summer, our family has gotten together with three other families and served one another. Whatever needs to be done we go and get it done: weeding, canning, gardening, cleaned, etc. Today we picked, shucked, washed, blanched, cut, bagged and froze corn. It was a large job, but we had a good number of people working on it so it went quickly.

    We shucked the corn in the cow pen, washed the corn on the gravel driveway and then blanched and froze the corn in the family's unfinished basement. I love working as a large group and watching big tasks quickly grow smaller and smaller. There's something about serving that makes everyone feel valuable and loved.

We had a young friend come and join us as we shucked which was fun.

    Life is beautiful and service makes it even better. I'm excited to see what's in store for us next Wednesday. It will be our last Service Wednesday because school is picking up soon. EXCITING!