Sunday, August 25, 2013

Planting Sugar Snap Peas


    Sugar Snap peas are one of the first things that we plan in the garden each year, and one of the first things that are harvested as well. If you plant and harvest them early enough there is is time every year to plant a second batch. 
   We harvested half of the pods from our first planting and dried them in their shells. Three days ago we popped them open, put the seeds in bags and stored them in the refrigerator in the basement. But we didn't put all of the seeds in the bags -- we saved out a handful for our second planting.

After soaking for two days they swell are ready to be planted. 

    I tilled the ground in the spring garden with a shovel while my brother road around the yard on his bike. He taught himself to ride on our driveway and he's pretty good at it.  

The only thing he loves more than his bike is his cowboy hat. He wears it almost everywhere.

    After the soil was ready, the little man and I pounded some stakes into the ground and tied a long strip of hog-wire to them. The peas need something to climb up once they're grown and we've found that hog-wire makes for a nice, re-usable, manageable solution.

    Plant the seeds just an inch or two from the surface, cover them and wait for their heads to poke up through the soil. This batch of sugar snap peas will probably all be used as seed for next year's crop, but I love sugar snap peas in the spring they're so sweet and crunchy you just pick and eat them pod and all. But now that I'm at college in the spring I miss sugar snap peas. 
     I'll just have to enjoy a few of this second batch.

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