Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Two Favorite Cowboys

    Lately, my two brothers have become interested in the wild west. A missionary who served in our area not quite a year ago visited from his home in Idaho. He lives on a cattle ranch out there, ropes, rides, and basically lives the life of a cowboy. That got all of the boys in church excited and for a couple days the only game they played was Cowboys and Indians. 
   After a lot of research, my older brother found a pattern for a simple cowboy hat, tweaked the pattern and made himself one out of brown felt, wire and interfacing.  

    My younger brother wanted one too so my older brother spent two days helping him make one of his own. It was cute watching them work together and it was a great learning experience for both of them. Not only were they learning how to sew, but how to coach/teach someone else, seam-rip :), how to follow directions, deal with setbacks, mathematically calculate seam allowance and lots of other things. 

    There wasn't a lot of interfacing left so the boys had to piece the scraps together to form two whole layers. They did a pretty good job. If anyone else ends up wanting a hat there won't be enough interfacing to make even one layer.
    It was funny where the little man stuck his pins after he pulled them out of the hat's brim.

 The little man is wearing his big brother's hat as he irons his own.

    The sewing was what took them the longest. It was the first time either of them had used the family sewing machine so they were learning as they went. I thought it was funny how they managed the whole thing in a very masculine way: cutting the thread with a pocket knife, calling the bobbin a bobber, and  asking me to "string up" the machine instead of "threading" the machine.
    In the beginning, my youngest brother manned the peddle while his older brother maneuvered the felt under the needle. But as the sewing got more and more difficult, my older brother took control and the youngest supervised.  

    For a while I wasn't sure if my brothers were trying to be cowboys or pirates because all I heard them say was "Arrg! Arrg!" It was quite the struggle, but the two of them stuck it out through all the tension troubles, peddle strikes and four snapped needles. Those hats were trophies by the end and they wore them with pride.

  I can see it! The light at the end of the tunnel!

 My two favorite cowboys! I love you guys!
   I love being home schooled. There are so many lessons that you get in front of a sewing machine that you don't get in front of a desk. I'm so glad my Mom took the time. I want to give my children the same experience and more.