Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Digging Potatos & Serving

    This is our family's last Service Wednesday for a while. I won't get to be apart of one until I get home from college in July of 2014. Today we spent part of the time cleaning the walls, closets, and floor someone's house and then digging another family's potatoes. We got about four or five crates out, but that didn't even dent the task. 
    Two family's got together and decided that one will grow enough corn for both and that the other will grow enough potatoes for both. I think the potato family is realizing now that they've planted enough for five large families. We'll have to come out another time to finish.

We also picked the rest of their watermelons
After we were through we cut into a couple and ate it on the porch

    It was a hot day and before we knew it we were all drenched with sweat. 

    It felt good to load all of the crates into the back of our car, gather the forks together and  head up to the house. A good day's work always makes me feel good and happy to be alive.