Monday, November 5, 2012

Lady Finger Popcorn

    This fun afternoon was spent with our Amish friends shucking their Lady Finger Popcorn. With a group of us working it didn't take long at all ... and it was super fun to do it with friends. Our family had to leave before all the corn was shucked, which was disappointing ... I'm a stick-it-out kind of person.

    All the corn was still on the stock so we had to twist it off, shuck the corn, and once all the corn was off the stock we stomped the stock flat so we could see our progress. 

    I was surprised at how small Lady Finger Popcorn is, truly the size of my middle finger. After it's all shucked our friends will dry it on the cob until ... until something ... I don't know much about drying popcorn. Then rub it off, and store it in Ziploc bags or mason jars for popping later. 

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