Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bacon, Sausage & Ham

    Today was hog slaughtering day at our Amish friend's home ... don't worry there are no photos of blood, guts, or gore. Here on the table are the slabs of bacon and a ham.

    These were true blue SLABS of bacon! Look at how large! The bacon is the sides off the hog. There are four slabs because there were two hogs that were slaughtered. They've been rubbed with spices and let to sit for a while until it's cured. After that it will be cut and preserved for winter meals.

    This is what I call sausage! They ground enough sausage to fill six five-gallon buckets and then stuffed it in a long tube like bag and smoked it in a smoke house. The rope is almost eight feet long and is stored coiled up in five gallon buckets. It had an interesting texture.
Hog Tied

     This is their smoke house. They built a fire in the fire barrel and then smothered it with something so that it would smoke a log, but not entirely go out. I don't know what kind of meat is being smoked in the picture.

    After looking at the smoke house my coat smelled like smoke for few days afterwards until I cleaned it really well. What's coming up next? Doing laundry the Amish way: in a wringer-washer.