Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Blackberries on the Loose

    The last thing to harvest around here are the blackberries. The raspberries are still bearing, but we have so many in our freezer now that we can't fit another gallon bag until we start making jam. But if the raspberries did well this year then so did the blackberries.

    This is the first year we've harvested blackberries and we've harvested quite a few. Even though it froze while we were on our vacation in Utah, they are still bearing and we are still freezing them away. I think we want to try our hand at blackberry jam this year -- we'll see how our strength is in a few weeks. It's on low right now.

Blackberries On The Loose! :)

    I actually didn't pick many raspberries today. I just took pictures as my brother picked them He's a really good sport. My famiyl is good to let me take pictures of them while they work :) He and I had a great conversation up on the hill though. We were talking about movies and why they stick with you so long after seeing them and why they make you so tired afterward. 
    He's brilliant, this brother of mine.

And there they are ... black bulbs of juice.

    You can freeze blackberries in jars or Tupperware or plastic bags -- just like any other fruit. Right now we just use them in our morning milkshakes, BUT, like I said before, we might be making jam soon. We will be making peach-red-raspberry jam in the next couple of weeks so come back soon for a peak.

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