Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Harvesting Lettuce & Treating it with Basic H.

   So, one of our last crops in the garden is the lettuce. It's still doing well. We cut a head off about twice a week. We're big salad eaters. We also buy lettuce from Costco to have some variety in the types of leaves we eat. Of course, the lettuce we buy at the store was grown with insecticide and pesticide so let me show you how we wash it.
     We fill up a sink with water and add about a tablespoon of Basic H. soap into the water. The lettuce leaves soak in the water / soap for about ten minutes before we rinse them in a strainer and dry them in a lettuce spinner. Basic H. is a Shaklee product. It's an organic, biodegradable, all-purpose soap that is good for a thousand things. We like it four our vegetables because it cleans better than just water and it is super mild and won't hurt a body if it's ingested.

We also soak our store bought fruit in Basic H.

After it's soaked and rinsed we dry the lettuce in a lettuce spinner.

    To store it, we line a Tupperware with a paper town and lay the leaves inside. This is super nice for when I just want a salad for lunch, because I can just ope the Tupperware and tear up as many leaves as I'll eat, rather than having to wash and tear up a whole head. Make eating vegetables easy and you'll eat more vegetables!

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