Thursday, August 25, 2016

Freezing Peaches for Future Fruit Smoothies

    Here we go! Our three boxes of peaches are now ripe and ready to be frozen. We used to can our peaches, but the only one who likes them that way is my little brother and he still has all of last year's to eat so we froze and pureed them this year.
     We get our peaches form a little Amish bulk food store, not five minutes from our house. We get a lot of our produce there because it's fresh and always top quality.

    We have a large pot of water on the stove and a metal basket we can lower into it when the water starts to boil. NOTE OF IMPORTANCE: It takes no more than thirty seconds to blanch the peaches and loosen the skins. Much longer and the peaches start to cook and become mushy.
    As soon as the thirty-second timer rings, I lift out the basket and rush it to the cold water. There the peelings are easily pulled off.

From the cold water, the peaches go into a bowl of water and 
lemon juice so they won't start to go brown.

Like yellow sunshine in a lake.

    My little brother was in charge of slicing each peach in half and cutting out the pits. From there they were either sliced into fourths and tossed in Ziploc bags for the freezer, or tossed into the blender for puree. We used the puree to make peach raspberry jam the next day. I took pictures of that process too and I'll post those  soon.

Yummy Goodness!
We use the peaches mostly for breakfast smoothies. They add a 
subtle sweetness that is perfect for a smoothie,

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