Friday, October 3, 2014

Wake Up to a Fruit Smoothie

     In the morning, before I head to school (I teach Language Arts in a little school now -- just in the mornings). I'm in charge of: (1.) Gathering, washing, drying & folding the laundry, (2.) Unloading the dishwasher, and (3.) Making the family's fruit smoothie. I make it entirely out of fruit we've frozen ourselves and our own homemade apple juice ...
    You just can't get any better than this!

We pick these at a local U-pick Amish farm just down the road and freeze them in quart bags.
I still haven't posted about that -- Hmm, maybe that ought to be fixed :)

We grow these on our own hill and freeze them in gallon Ziplock bags twice a year.

We also grow and freeze these ourselves. In fact, we're in the middle of picking them now.
Here's a post about us picking and freezing them.

We buy these by the bushel in the season and either can or freeze them every year.

We get these by the bushel at the Amish school auction every year and freeze them in bags. 

We buy pineapple when it's on sale or when we find it at auctions and freeze in in jars.

We grow these ourselves  ut back and freeze them both in bags and jars.

    Here is all of the fruit prettily layered in the blender. Each fruit contributes its own unique taste and it's own unique vitamins. I like to include all every morning, but not usually this much. I only used this much for the post's sake.
   This blender is a Ninja and it's the second Ninja we've owned. We've gone through have a dozen blenders throughout the course of our family adventures and all of them have broken somehow or another.The one we had before this Ninja was a cheep glass one and it broke while I was making smoothies last year around this time. I won't go into the particulars -- but I have a ugly scar on my middle finger that I earned that day.

We buy quite a few bushels of apples every year and turn them into apple cider & juice.

    Blend it up -- adding more juice if you want in thinner -- and there you have it. The perfect wake-up-call for your taste buds. We usually drink our smoothie before breakfast, at family scripture study. It's healthy to let the digestive system wake up slowly in the morning so everyone comes to family scripture study having drunk water or juice, then we have our smoothie, and then after family prayer and a blessing on the food everyone is ready for breakfast.


Apple Juice
Any Other Fruit You Can Think Of


Combine the frozen fruit in a blender along with the apple juice. Blend until smooth, adding more apple juice if you want it thinner. Add more fruit and juices as you feel brave and adventurous. If the smoothie is too tart add more peaches or bananas, if it is too sweet add more berries (any kind).

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