Monday, September 29, 2014

Harvesting Potatoes Means It's Autumn

    It's that great time of year again! Potato Harvesting! I know that once we begin digging potatoes out of the ground the end of the harvest is not far off -- and that means that winter is soon and back-to-college. 
    But, while that approaches I don't want to miss the good times here and potato harvesting is one of those good time. We only planted four rows of potatoes this year but they produced a lot. Unfortunately we caught too many on our shovels, so that means we'll be canning a lot of them.
     What's left to cann besides potatoes? Kidney & pinto beans, apple sauce, apple juice, peach raspberry jam, blackberry jam, ... and that might be it. 
       Just a heads up: The family and I are headed to Utah in a few days. If I have time I'll take pictures and blog our adventures while I'm out there. Be on the look out!


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