Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fall Festival -- How Many Legs Does it Take?

    Every year, a member of our congregation puts together a Fall Festival of sorts. It's fun to go, be with friends, eat some homemade chili and hot chocolate, play some tug-of-war or enter a doughnut eating contest. My brothers and sisters gathered some friends together and organized a three legged race down the hill.
    You will eventually see that this is only the beginning to the fun.

However, I do have to apologize for the poor photo quality. 
I forgot my camera at home and used my father's I-phone to take these pictures.

And They're Off!

    And, of course, you can't just stop there! How about a three legged sack race?

My sister and her friend tried to fit all four legs in on sack. They successfully made it to the finish line, but had a fun loose-your-balance-and-tumble episode afterwards.

Who's up for the three-legged sack race?
But why stop there?

    The last thing they tried was a twelve legged race. But, only it wasn't really a race because after everyone was tied to each other, there was no one left to compete against. They had the best time chanting, "Left, right, left, right, left, right..." as they marched through the corral and out barn door. 
    Some of the littler guys had to do the splits with each step to keep up with the long legged ones (my brother being the biggest culprit), but everyone just had a good time. Eventually, one of the bandannas can untied and half of the walkers got ahead of the others. But everyone just cheered and laughed.   

    We truly have the best set of friends -- people who don't mind having their ankle tied to ours and our arm around their shoulders. Maybe, real life is kind of like that. It might feel like a race sometimes, but really we're all tied together and the only way to move ahead is to put your arm around the person next to you and help to steady them as you both take a step forward. 
    In any case, what a beautiful night. Thank you to all those who hosted and attended.

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