Saturday, December 14, 2013

Carol Me A Christmas!

    It was a magical wintery day in a million ways. To name a few ...
    Our friends drove just under two hours on icy roads to come spend a day with us. They helped us chop and gather firewood in the forest all afternoon before coming inside and warming up by the fireplace with good hot apple cider.  
    Just a note: We love this family. My sister met their oldest boy at a Quad-Stake Dance, realized that our families have a lot in common (home schooled, good morals & values, family oriented, etc.), and after we all got together and met we were instant friends.
    We've never actually been to their house. So far, they've been the ones to drive the distance, and (on top of that) they're always so helpful when they come. They've helped us chop firewood, prime the basement, prune the raspberries, and much more  We are so lucky!
    Once it got dark we hopped into our mini van and their camouflage bus (yes they own a camouflage bus ... they kind of need it in order to tote all thirteen of their children from place to place ... and yes, they are all biological brothers and sisters from one mother :). 
   We went and caroled at three different homes (all Amish families that we both love). We had a snowball fight at each and every house which was very fun. The snow was perfect--moist and melty. It was a beautiful night. Merry Christmas!