Friday, September 5, 2014

Braiding the Onions

    So .... how do we store whole onions? Well, we used to use mesh bags before, but I think we discarded that idea because a new more effective one was introduced to us.  It was the first Amish family that befriended us who taught us how to braid onions.
    Now that's all we do because it's so easy to prepare, store and use the onions.

    The greens dry along with the onion bulbs on newspaper in the greenhouse. Then, my sister goes out and braids them together. in a long chain. That chain is then hung on nail hooks in the root cellar. They stay together really well AND when we need an onion we just go down and twist on off the bottom. Sometimes we get two instead of one, but that just means we store the second one in the fridge until we need it ... which isn't long in our family.

    Onions are really good for so many things both food-wise and medicinal-wise. I haven't blogged nearly at all about our herbal or essential oil use now have I? Well, we've used herbs since I was just a little girl, but Mom just picked up essential oils and loves the ones she's tried. Being heath-oriented and holistically minded when it comes to medicine is just another branch of the mormish lifestyle. 
    Maybe, one of these day's I'll do a post about all the medicinal ways we have used onions.

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