Monday, September 2, 2013

Tomatos to Harvest

    We planted a lot of tomato plants this year because we knew my aunts would be visiting and would like to take home canned tomato things. But, unfortunately for us and my aunts, the tomatoes didn't start producing until they left. So now, we're stuck with loads of tomatoes and no time to preserve them ... until today. We decided it was high time we cleaned out the fridge, stripped the plants and canned some sauce, chili, and other tomato-based-stuff.

    This year we did a lot with landscape cloth which is super helpful because it cuts the weeds down so well. Weeding is my least favorite chore in the yard so landscape cloth and I have become grand friends over the years.
    We've also used straw to deter the weeds, but they don't do as nice of a job. We still use straw however because it's easy to till under after the season is over. Landscape cloth has to be pulled out, swept off, rolled up and store for next year.

With all these tomatoes we had better start some canning!
    I love growing my own food. It tastes so much better and makes me feel so much better afterwards. It also makes me feel responsible and needed and a part of a team. It would be imposable for me to  run this farm all by myself, but it's possible as a when I'm a part of a hard working unified family.