Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Picking Grapes for a Friend

    The closest member of our ward (member of our congregation) lives about five to ten minutes from us. He's an elderly man, but he still lives on a farm. This year, he wondered if we would like to come and pick his grapes, take them home and use them. We said we would pick them, and even though we didn't need them this year we knew someone who did.
    So a couple of us went over and spent an hour in the evening (before dinner) picking grapes. 

    These gapes are not the eat-off-the-vine type. They are strong and have seeds in them, but they're wonderful for juice. Someday we want to have a beautiful grape arbor and vines on our farm. We want to try our hand at both varieties: eat-off-the-vine and perfect-for-juice.

    It was fun to come out just the two youngest, Dad and I. It was a beautiful evening, the air was warm and fresh and a breeze was blowing. I didn't even take any shoes. I would go barefoot all year if I could. The country life for me!

The little man didn't seen to care that the grapes were seedy :)

    The skylight is one of the fun things about our little car. We like to stick our heads out as Dad races down the driveway and into the garage. I remember doing that when I was younger, now I just stick my head out of the back window and take pictures of my siblings. 
    I love my family and I love my life ... I am truly blessed!