Thursday, September 19, 2013

Putting Away All That Landscape Cloth

    It's time to put away all of the lower garden's landscape cloth.We forgot that we had sweet potato planted so we dug those up before tearing out the cloth. It was the first time we actually tried growing sweet potatoes so we didn't get very many and they were all small and shaped strangely. But we know that, someday, we'll might not be able to get sweet potatoes at the store or anywhere else and will have to know how to grow our own ... so it's best to learn now while there are still stores :)

    Some of the landscape cloth strips were easy to get out, but some were just a bear. It was all our fault too: we let the weeds get totally out of hand on one end of the garden and they overran the landscape cloth ... they were so bad we couldn't even weed-whack them so we just tore them up as we folded back the cloth.

Next year, we'll just have to double up on the landscape cloth :)
or take better care that the weeds stay in hand :)

    Landscape Cloth Equation: My brother pulling up the cloth + Mom tearing out the weeds + my sister chopping away at the roots with the shovel + Me taking pictures = Team Effort :)

We knew we were bound to find at least one of these while we were at this job.

   We let the strips dry on the grass for one day (as long as it's a dry day) to dry away the dirt clumps and stray weeds that may still being clinging to them.

    Then we sweep them off, roll them up, and store them in the tool shed until planting season. I will  be away at college when it's time for the family to lay the cloth back out next year, but I'll be home in time to put it away.
    Things are really winding down now. Only a few more chores until we settle down to heavy schoolwork and snow shoveling.