Friday, September 13, 2013

Preparing the Basemnt Drywall

    Finally, the crew finished up in the basement and left us the drywall to prime and paint. I am so excited to have a room of my own again! I've been sleeping in the library since I've gotten home from college and I'm ready to have a room that stays clean and is a little more private.
    BUT, there's a lot to do before I can move down there and the first step is to prepare the drywall for primer. Before we discovered the vacuum, we used brooms to removed the dust. The air got so thick (even with all the windows open) that my camera refuse to focus and my throat refused to swallow.

    We had a huge pile of dust by the end of the day and it was fun to write little messages in it. You can't read it, but my sister is writing "Proud To Be Mormish" with here toes in the picture.

    After sweeping/vacuuming the walls we swept the floor and mopped. I never did get to mop because it was the popular job, but I supervised quite a bit. 
    Everyone, besides me and the two youngest, were out for the day, either shopping (Mom and Dad drove an hour+ to look at a trailer that someone is selling) or working (my sister works at the bakery and my brother  works at a furniture shop after early morning seminary). The three of us were quite a team and were able to get a lot done though.

    After that we wiped down the walls with a slightly damp cloth and the drywall was ready to prime! There's still a whole lot to do before it's finished: prime, paint, finish the electric, put a drop ceiling in two of the rooms, tile the bathroom, put in the bathtub surround, put in a vanity, trim, put shelves in the closet, flooring, etc... It's a big job, but it's fun to tackle something like this as a family team.