Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Harvest is Basically OVER!

    It's always a great feeling when both the spring and lower gardens are asleep for winter. It means that all there is left to worry about are the berry plants (blue berries, black berries and red raspberries) flowerbeds (evergreen garden, forget-me-not garden, oval garden and front beds), lawns and the orchards (fruit orchard and nut orchard).

    Harvesting and canning are my favorite chores on the farm. When you can see all your hard work start to fill crates and freezers and shelves, that's when you realize that it was all worth it.
    There are also a couple laughs to be had during harvest time. Mr. Carrot riding his Potatosaurus made me laugh. I just had to blog it. Enjoy your oddly shaped vegetables!