Wednesday, November 6, 2013

All it Needs is a Coat of Paint ...

    We're finally getting the basement painted. It's a great feeling! After all that cleaning and priming it feels like we ought to be finishing this basement up soon. As I mentioned before, we're not planning on installing carpet, permanent doors (we have a couple cheep ones that we're using for the time being), or woodwork like baseboards or windowsills ... so that means we're coming to an end for a little while. I'm looking forward to that ...

   "You will do as I say, or get paint on your nose!"

    These two love to work together! They have so much fun. Sometimes it's risky letting them work together, because they often start having too much fun and forget about the job they're trying to get done :). I get after them a little too much I'm afraid.    

    Anyway ... short post, but I just wanted to remind everyone that we havn't neglected the basement, it's just such a HUGE job what with trying to prepare for the neighborhood Christmas party (which is being held at our house this year), getting ready for company (my aunt's family is coming up for Texas for the first week of deer season), and still trying to finish up canning.
   It truly is a wonderful life!