Monday, July 25, 2016

Blueberries in the Morning

Blueberry Picking!
    Usually, the blueberry season is over before I can get home from college each year. Last year, the family took pictures for me to post, but this this year the season is late because of the dry-spell we are having. It is pretty hot, but we got up at 5:30 and were in the thick of the blueberry bushes before six AM.

    The dry spell also made the blue berries just a little smaller this year and there were fewer of them. We still got about six gallons though, which isn't bad for this late in the season. Besides, there isn't much of a demand for them at my house: we basically use them in our morning fruit shakes and once in a while in pancakes.

We tried to find out brother for this group photo, but he was deep in the patch somewhere.
Besides, he prefers to take the pictures rather than be in them.

The rear-hatch on our sequoia is jammed so we have to stick everything through the 
back window. Gotta love those small inconvenience that spice up every day.

One more blueberry morning gone by. 
    Now we get to spend the rest of the day washing, sorting and freezing them. That's my favorite part. It's just a lot of sitting around on the laundry room floor, listening to epic soundtracks, and talking while our hands are busy. 
    Oh The Simple Joys of This Life!

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