Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Trip to the Amish Furniture Store

    One of our good Amish friends owns a furniture store. He took me on a tour today since I hadn't seen it since I'd left for college. It was beautiful. I especially loved his dining sets. Those tables are as smooth as silk and the chairs mold to your back perfectly.
    If you want to order from them, you should visit their website.

    Besides dining room furniture he also sells bedroom sets, couches, chests, mirrors, pulpits, pews, desks, bookshelves, couches, rocking chairs, porch furniture and MORE.
    All of it is the finest quality and priced fairly. 

We enjoyed sitting on the couches and deciding which ones were our favorites.

This bedroom set was gorgeous -- but can you find my brother in the picture?

Fun with mirrors
This mirror was unique because it slid open to reveal a jewelry chest

    What a great tour!
    When I move into my first home I know where I'm going to get all of furniture from. Everything is custom made down to the size, stain and handles, not to mention beautiful (have I mentioned that already?) Oh the joys of living in Amish Country!

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