Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Friendly Quilting

  This weekend we all got together for a quilting. It's a fun tradition. We piece and hand sew a quilt for each of our school teachers. We done this for two years now and made two quilts. It's a tradition that I personally love. Quilting is a hobby of mine.
   After the quilt is pieced together we set it up on a huge frame in the school room to finish it. Everyone helps, even the young school girls and boys. There's always a variety of stitches, which makes the quite a precious gift.

Even my brother helps out. He's actually pretty good at it. 
He's an even better conversationalist so, a couple hours on a bench goes by quickly.

I Love my Brother to Bits!

   Quiltings are just a fun time to get together and talk about everything. The conversation is interspersed with "Can I have the thread" and "Where are the scissors?" The quilt is so large and the thread and needles and scissors always end up in the middle so we keep a yardstick on the quilt to use as a bat. We enjoy using it to hit things to one another.
   Well, two quilts down and who knows how many more we'll make. Lots I Hope!


  1. Wow, that quilt is so cool. I love the colors. I'm working on a yellow, black and right quilt right now too!

    1. Thanks Diana! And thank you for putting the binding on this quilt, you were such a wonderful help. I hope you're planning on posting pictures of your own quilt soon. I love visiting Closet Crafter and seeing all of the fun projects you're working on.