Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Amazing River Adventure

    My cousins are in town for only a couple more days so we decided that one of the last things we wanted to do with them was go canoeing and kayaking down the river. So today we borrowed two kayaks from a friend and rented another two kayaks as well as two canoes and made a day of it.  
    Truly -- it took the whole day . . . a whole wonderful day.

    The river wasn't terribly busy today -- despite having lovely weather so our trip downstream was really nice. I had to relearn how to steer a canoe, but everyone finally got the hang of it about an hour into the day. We all took turns in the canoes and the kayaks.   


One of my cousins found this tiny frog. It was so small it didn't feel real.


My mother loves times like these.
There's nothing like being all together, in nature.

    We packed a lunch and found a bank to stop and eat.
We did some wading and swimming and just enjoyed the break.

    It is so good to be back in my home state.  I have missed the trees, the tall grass, rivers & streams, the humid air and I especially have missed my family. It's so good to be home.
    What an awesome life I have!

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