Monday, December 8, 2014

What Comes AFTER the Raspberries are Pruned?

    Well, we thought we were finished but as long as the weather stays this nice, there's nothing to stop us from doing more yard work. Today we pruned two rows (out of four) in the raspberries. I didn't get any pictures of us actually doing the pruning, but I got lots of what happened next ...
    One thing to know -- for all those amateur raspberry pruners out there: after you clip the stocks,don't leave them lying between the rows because when the new plants come up int eh spring, the dead ones lying in the grass will disease them. Diseased plants means to harvest for a long long time. So, what do you do instead? You burn take the stocks down to your fire-pit and burn them. 

    We had a lot of helpers today, and they all had a lot of fun building their own little fires in the raspberry stocks. Our boy scouts made the fires that actually lasted, but they enjoyed helping the others get their fires off the ground.
    The smoke off those raspberry stocks was incredible! We hoped that the neighbors wouldn't call the fire department. We all went caroling later that evening together, but all of us had to change because we all reeked of campfire smoke.

    After a long day of yard work (we pruned, and weeded, harvested maple trees, and mulched) it's nice to just sit around a campfire. We roasted hot-dogs and had them with chips and veggies afterwards. It was a great day!

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