Friday, July 26, 2013

Home to Stay a While

    I'm home! My first year at college was quite an experience. I'm studying English Education and just love it so far. I made friends, had fun, worked hard and came back with a perfect GPA!!! I also came back ready to be with family, get my health back up, and do some hard physical work.

    My cousins from Boise were already visiting when I got home so I'm still living out of my suitcases. Today my siblings and I watched my four cousins and five Amish children for a couple hours while their parents took a trip to town with our parents. We had some chores to finish before we could play, but we guests dove right in we had the jobs done in no time.

    The little Amish boy wanted a turn on the Zero-Turn mower so my brother took him out in a wide open area and let him take control. The blades were off so it wasn't dangerous, but if they had been left on we would have had figure eights in our grass.

    My little brother and sister have adopted the Amish clothes and I love it. We can go to one of the Amish thrift stores and pick up whole outfits for mere cents. My older brother (not older than me, but older than the brother in the above photo) has gotten rid of his t-shirts and wears nothing but button up shirts now. I still prefer denim skirts to anything else and while my other sister still likes her jeans but does own two Amish dresses that she enjoys.
    I love my Home! I Love My Family! I Love My Life!