Monday, December 10, 2012

Laundry Day the Amish Way

    What an Experience! The day was SO MUCH FUN. Who knew laundry could be so enjoyable?  Well, it helped that we were with dear friends. 
    No electricity allowed today! We used wringer washers powered by gas.

    It has four parts and a wringer that swivels between the parts. All four parts can be separated from each other. There are the three soaking tubs and the washer. First the clothes are pre-soaked (that is, if they are really dirty).

    Then they're washed with the agitator and LOTS OF SOAP! There's a lid on the washer so you won't be splashed, however, unlike the electric ones, it runs just fine if the lid is open. 

 Clean clothes ... but super soapy. It's time to wring them out.

    Working the wringer is fun, but kind of dangerous. You have to keep a hold of the clothes so they don't get wrapped around the spool (I know I'm not holing onto the pants in the picture... sue me :) but don't get your finger caught because it bites HARD!

    After washing them, they're soaked in fabric softener and water for a while, then wrung out. Then they're soaked in vinegar and water for a while, then wrung out.

 We let the tubs drain while we hang the clothes on the line.

    It was a cold rainy day so we hung the clothes in the basement, rather than outside. The gas heater and gas fan produce all the sunshine and wind that is needed to dry these clothes.

    Can you tell by my hair that I was at the bakery before I came?
    The clothes pins are in the little bag across my shoulder. It's a super handy bag because the one pocket us huge and the handle isn't so long that you have to bend to get into the bag.

 Socks are hung on special racks closer to the heater so they dry completely.

My Sister
  Laundry changes from chore to hobby when you're with friends.

    I think I've never had more fun doing laundry in my entire life. I told them that the next time  they need help to call me and I'll be over there in a second.