Thursday, November 20, 2014

Our First Snow Day -- Giants and Martians

    It's been a long time since we've seen snow before Thanksgiving, but it happened today. The kids hurried through chores and breakfast and sprinted outside just as soon as family scripture study was over. They romped and rolled and sledded. 
    I didn't join them, but i did watch from the house and took a few pictures (obviously)

    This was out puppy's first snow and he didn't quite know what to do about all of it. He hopped around as if the snow would bite his paws and ran after every snowball that my brothers threw his way. I stepped out onto the porch (in my bare feet ... ya) to take a few pictures, but that didn't last long because the boys started to throw snowballs my way. I was hurrying back inside when they hit me :)

How big can a snowball get? 
Well the world's largest man-made snowball was 32.94 feet high.
But I think my sister's came in at a close second :)

Why make a snowMAN when you can make a snowMARTIAN?
    Oh ... Leave it to my brother to be creative -- or has he just been reading too much Calvin & Hobbes Comics? This guy has teeth, tentacles, angry eyebrows, multiple fingers and a gaping mouth ready to swallow someone whole.

Why make a snowMAN when you can make a snowGIANT?

    This guy really was gigantic. My brother (the tall one) was the only one who could put the head on. This snowman could have sung "Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes" because he had eyes, ears, mouth and nose -- (well okay ... you can argue that his toes are buried in the snow :)

    Later that day my brother asked my sister if they could shoot off the snowman's ears with their BB Gun and she said yes so they had a hay day. I'm sure this giant of a snowman is going to be the last thing to melt in the yard.

    And yes ... I was there too. 
    The only problem with being a photographer and a blogger is that there are never any pictures of you. That's why selfies were invented I guess. Here is my sister and me (and my brother doing a balnacing act in the background).
    What a fun bunch!

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