Monday, November 24, 2014

Last Sixty Degree Day for a While

    Oh My -- I thought days like this were long gone. I think it's ironic that the last post I did was about our first snow day :). I thought we'd have a white Thanksgiving for sure, but it looks like we'll have mud. Mud or not -- I'll take a day like this anytime!

      We sure used our last few warm hours as well as we possibly could. We had just a few things left to can up: pinto beans, white beans, potatoes, and butternut squash. We had out three caners buzzing all day -- but we're finished. No more canning until 2015.
    But there's still a lot of weeding and pruning to do ... 

    During lunch it started to rain a little bit and my brother, sister and I decided to go out and play it in. Unfortunately, the rain stopped just as we stepped out, but the tramp was still wet so we did get a little damp at least. 

Wet Trampolines are the best!   
 Sometimes in the summer we put the sprinkler underneath and get really wet.

    Good bye warm weather and GOOD-BYE CANNING! I know we'll see you again very soon, but I'm sure we'll enjoy the snow and the school work in your absence.

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