Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Newest Family Member

    I'm back from college and so happy to say that I'll be here until January of 2015! Everything is better at home, the air is cleaner, the company is sweeter, the water is fresher and life is just plain better. The night I got home, I met the newest addition: a rolly-polly lab/collie pup. My family found him on Craigslist and drove to pick him up the morning before I flew in. Have a look.

   The pup doesn't actually have a name. The youngest -- pictured both above and below -- wants to call him Lucky after our old black lab because they look a lot alike, but the rest of us are trying to come up with something a little more original. We've tossed round Macheto, Cryrus, Tronnio, etc. We've just got to think of something soon before Lucky sticks.

    We liked to keep at least two dogs on the farm: an older one that knows all the rules and a younger one who learns the rules from the older one. Bolto -- the drop-off dog we had since I was twelve -- died of old age and arthritis while I was at College this last spring. Bolto was my dog, and even though he was old and grumpy, I loved him. 
    My family has had a lot of dogs. Wooffy, Lady, Lucky, Steve, Sophie, Wooffy, Jules, and Bolto's six other puppies. This is a post about the eight puppies we had in 2012.   

Here they are: Shaska & Nameless -- the protectors of the our farm   
It's so good to be home and blogging again. Enjoy the rest of your July -- I plan to!

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