Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Smells in the Amish Bakery

    Today was my first day working in the Amish bakery. I LOVED it! What more could you ask for? Good company, enjoyable work, and delicious smells. One thing I will say though, this job may become detrimental to my health :)

Sale Room
     I haven't learned how to work the cash register yet, though I'm looking forward to gaining that skill. I do talk to costomers, but just in greeting from the kitchen upstairs.
    The bakery sells every yummy thing imaginable (almost :). Woopie-pies, angel food cake, lots of bread, at least ten different kinds of cookies, the best carrot cake on the planet, half moon pies, and it's apple dumpling season (my favorite).

The Kitchen
    This is my home base. Under this counter in the left bottom corner there are rolling tubs labeled: Cake Flour, Bread Flour, Brown Sugar, White Sugar, Rolled Oats, etc... It's at this counter that all the dough and batter is mixed and where a lot of the food is packaged. 
    The shelf with all the hanging measuring cups is where we weigh our butter, shorting, etc...

    You might be asking yourself, "Well I see the sink, but where's the dishwasher?" The answer: You're talking to it. That's right. It's an Amish bakery which means no electric. Everything is gas powered: the stove, mixers, ovens, everything and I guess no one's invented a gas powered dishwasher yet.

The Happy Baker
     So here I am in my cross-string apron (a bear to get in and out of) and my hair pulled into a tight bun which is fun to brush out after I get home from work. I've always loved baking, and now I get paid for it. I ask again: What more could you ask for?

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