Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Brothers Do Grow Up ...

 With every passing season, the years are stripped away. 
Give me riches give me fame no, I want yesterday. ~ Mormish

Spring 2007
 This little man used to try to mow the lawn. He would be out there for hours, pushing, hauling, and sweating until he was so worn out!

Autumn 2012
 Now he mows more than any of us. I, truthfully, haven't gotten to mow since we got the zero turn. The little man is probably much better at it then I'll ever be.

Winter 2008
 This little man used to bring in the wood every winter morning. Some of the logs were so big he couldn't lift them and the wagon got so heavy that it was so hard for him to pull.

Summer 2012
 Now the little man isn't so little anymore, and he doesn't just bring in the wood, he splits it too! He split half the wood his year, grew a foot, and twice as cute! 
You'll always be my little man Buck!

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