Friday, August 12, 2011

Shucking Corn in the Shade

    It is corn-shucking season. What a fun time of year. We drag a tarp into the shade, pull the sacks of corn and a couple of camp chairs to the tarp and get to work. 
    All of the husks are thrown onto the tarp which makes for a really easy clean up. All of the cobs are placed in the tub of water and scrubbed before being taken to the to be cut and frozen. It's a big job, but with a family team like mine no job is too big.

Our new dog, Lady, is still learning the household rules, one of which is to not 
to pull the corn out of the tub of water.

We let her play with the husks instead.

    Everyone helps on corn-day, even the youngest of us. It is a great feeling to hang in there together through the heat and the tired hands and the bruises. There's nothing like being a member of a hardworking team.
    What a blessing families are!

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