Monday, August 8, 2011

Introducing Lady -- Our Newst Family Member

    We have a new family member. Our black Lab, Lucky got run over by a truck a few months ago and since then we've been looking for a new dog. We found Lady on Craigslist, she was dropped off at a park and some lady found her and gave her a home until we picked her up.
    Today we gave her her first bath.

  We all got pretty wet, even me and I was mainly taking pictures.

    I don't think Lady new what was going on. She kept jumping out of the tub so my sister had to hold onto her the whole time. She got the wettest -- not counting the dog.

    We think that lady is a beagle/hound mix because she had the floppy ears and long nose. We've heard that hound and beagle mixes tend to wander so we're hoping our other dog keeps her around the house. Our other dog we own in a collie mix and thus a home body.

Ohhhh ... look at those sad eyes.

My little brother just supervised from the side.
He stayed high and dry :)

    At Last! All dry . . .
    Well that was fun. We all hope that lady is a good match for our family. We have gone through a lot of dogs (and cats for that matter) and all of them are different and special.

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