Meet the Mormish Girl

Me (on the right) and the six other people that I love most in the world

Who Am I Anyway?
   I am a happy, busy twenty-three-year-old and the oldest in a wonderful family of seven. I love writing! I always have a new story idea brewing somewhere and a journal tucked away that I curl up with in the evening. Besides writing I also love reading high quality books, singing, playing the piano and drawing a bit. I live a relatively media-free life: my family doesn't own a television and rarely watch movies, I don't do facebook/twitter/instagram/etc. and don't play computer games. I've been home schooled all my life and am now a senior at Brigham Young University Idaho where I'm studying education.

 What Does It Mean To Be Mormish?
   My family has lived on our  23-acre farm in the Midwest for about eight years now and I have decided that it's worth every weed, bead of sweat, and splinter to be here. We grow and preserve most of our own food. I love how I feel when I eat homegrown fruit, vegetables and meat and knowing that it's all a product of my hard work.
    One of the greatest things about our farm is that it's buried deep in Amish country. Nearly all of my friends are Amish and I love it. Some of my favorite memories have been ice skating on the pond, taking rides in the buggy, helping to hang clothes on the line, or just talking over a good traditional-Amish meal. There is so much to learn from this hidden civilization of people. They are hard working, self reliant, family oriented, find joy in the simple things, laugh often, and are kind & generous. I become refocused and happier when I'm with them.
    I also belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, commonly known as the Mormon Church. This means I'm a christian, I keep my body free from harmful substances like alcohol, cigarettes and coffee, I use clean language, am modest in my dress and behavior and remain chaste.
   So ... I live the Mormon religion and the Amish Culture, I guess that makes me Mormish, true blue died in the wool, through and through.

Why Do I Blog?
   I heard somewhere that it's what you think about when you don't have to think about anything that defines you. I think about life and how to put it into words. I've been an avid journaler since I was eight. I feel more involved and more connected to others and experiences when I put them into words because once it's recorded on paper it's mine forever.
    This blog has become a journal of sorts alongside my hard copy journal which I'm dedicated to.  I have an extraordinary lifestyle -- a lifestyle that doesn't exist in most places. My family is whole and healthy, we are grounded in faith, our lives are media-free, we live off the land and are self-reliant and all home-schooled. My hope is that, through reading this blog, individuals will rediscover the things that matter most and have a desire to strengthen their own lives as well as their family.