Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Kids on Fire - The Force United

We are a Star Wars family -- no secret there. Mom and Dad were in college when they the first trilogy came out and they thought it was the coolest thing on the planet. Mom's favorite character back them was was Mon Motha (Galactic senator, leader of the Rebel Alliance, and first Chancellor of the New Republic -- in case you were wondering).
        This video was so much fun to make, but it was our first wack at green screen, so it took a lot longer to film and produce. We hope you enjoy it

SYNOPSIS: Coming Soon To Theaters -- The Jedi are near extinction. The few who are left must face Darth Mortamus, the youngest Sith Lord to rule in the Universe. One Jedi master, her padawan, and a youngling with the heart of gold must team up with a rouge pilot named Click and her stashed companion to fight the dark side before all is lost.